9 Best Detox Water to DOUBLE Your Weight Loss

Not only do these incredible detox water recipes help with bloating and digestion, but they can also double the weight of your dream flat belly. It also has anti-aging benefits and more!

It also has anti-aging benefits and more!

There’s been a lot of talk about superfoods and nutrition this year, but so far it’s been relatively quiet when it comes to detox waters or “super drinks.”

But fear not, we’ve been on our toes and rounded up the best detox waters that promise to energize your day.

Whatever the super drink, the industry is doing the right thing – today it’s a multi-million-pound market!

Take coconut water for example.

It became so famous that overnight it became a $400 million business in the US and £100 million in the UK.

But this year promises us something more exciting when it comes to super drinks – coconut water is old news now.

There are a lot of addictive (and often weird-tasting) super drinks and detox juices out there that offer a range of health benefits, from boosting the immune system to curing a hangover naturally.

So, which detox waters are hot right now and are cheering up the country?

  1. Birch Juice

An outdated detox water, birch water is only available in a few places in the world.

Refreshing and oddly sweet thanks to the scented pine blend, all it takes is a sip of birch water and you’ll be hooked.

Call it a late flowering tree – this tree doesn’t start producing sap until it’s 30 years old.

Still, birch sap has been around for a while.

In fact, it dates back centuries, to the days of the Vikings. It is even used as a traditional medicinal drink in parts of Eastern Europe, Canada, and China.

Birch sap is rich in electrolytes.

These electrolytes are thought to strengthen and hydrate the body through fluids, making this detox water a drink for fitness enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts alike.

  1. Cactus Juice

On a hot summer day, cactus juice is the perfect thirst quencher.

Made from cacti, this delicious drink has been lauded for its beauty and health benefits.

Cactus juice contains taurine, a powerful amino acid that acts as a great antioxidant, helping to eliminate pesky free radicals while quenching thirst.

Plus, it claims to reduce puffy eyes and reduce post-workout muscle damage, so what’s not to love?

Athletes around the world embrace the power of this detox water for its ability to enhance athletic performance.

So how does this cactus detox juice compare to other juices? Pretty good!

It’s significantly lower in sugar and calories than most brands of coconut water.

Juice, puree, and mix with filtered water and lemon juice for a delicious fruity drink.

  1. Artichoke Juice

If artichokes aren’t your thing, this drink might not be for you.

With its unique artichoke flavor, it’s hard to get people to buy into this 2017 food trend.

Taste aside, you’ll find that artichoke juice isn’t just crumbled artichokes in a bottle.

This nutrient-rich plant-based water is your immune system’s best friend – helping to detoxify the liver thanks to the amazing amount of antioxidants found in vegetables.

Artichoke juice contains phytonutrients known for its wonderful medicinal properties, as well as trace amounts of milk thistle to cleanse and support your liver—a powerful ingredient.

  1. Almond Juice

This list of detox waters is not a list without added almond water.

This is a great thirst-quenching drink for almond lovers.

Enriched with almond and vanilla flavors, this nourishing detox water will refresh you and keep you feeling full.

Nutrition lovers know how beneficial the humble almond can be.

Almonds are an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids, and also contain magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

  1. Turmeric Juice

As a spice, turmeric has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

So if you’re in the mood for something spice and curry, this might be the ideal detox water for you.

Turmeric relieves inflammation, which can be unbearable for chronic inflammation.

It is also thought to have anticancer properties.

Turmeric in all its forms, whether in beverages or soups, benefits a person’s health, so turmeric water may be just fine.

  1. Maple Extract Juice

Like a sweet and savory pancake brunch minus the calories, maple juice promises to provide the body with plenty of manganese and potassium, which help keep bones strong and muscles healthy.

Known as Mother Nature’s sports detox water, the maple juice craze has certainly made a splash.

  1. Coal Water

The idea of drinking charcoal may be far from appetizing, but when charcoal is added to water, it is said to benefit your health by detoxing your body.

Dan Black, the founder of UK Black + Blum, says adding a stick of charcoal to water is nothing new.

This practice has been practiced in Japan since the 17th century and is still popular today.

A stick of charcoal is thought to absorb poisons and impurities, such as chlorine, making tap water easier to drink.

Others claim that charcoal water aids weight loss by reducing gas and bloating, making this detox water a favorite among dieters.

  1. Rose Flower Water

This fragrant water, with its sweet taste and fragrant smell, is a favorite among women with menstrual pain.

Like many of the other detox waters listed here, rose water has a long history.

Thanks to its many antioxidants, rose water has powerful healing properties and is a gem in controlling and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  1. Watermelon Juice

Most people love watermelon, which is why this refreshing detox water is more popular than others.

Believe it or not, watermelon contains a lot of nutrients.

Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, this detox water is a favorite among athletes and gym bunnies.

After exercise, watermelon juice is said to hydrate the body and aid circulation, reducing soreness after strenuous exercise.

For More Details About Detox Water

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