5 Healthy Sugar Craving Treats (2022)

I know this is a health blog but no matter how healthy you are, sometimes you just want to eat bad food. In this post read about these 5 healthy sugar craving treats.

Maybe you’re on a diet for that New Year’s resolution or maybe you’ve always been eating healthy – whatever the case, it can get tough when you’re hung up on sugar. After eating sugar in the morning, I find my cravings worsen for the rest of the day. It sucks because you’re promising yourself that you’re going to burn off extra calories at the gym tomorrow, but there’s a slight problem with that.

According to CN Robert Reames of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, the fat gain from eating high-sugar items isn’t just about calories. When you eat sugar, your body experiences huge spikes in insulin, which tells your body to start storing fat. It gets your metabolism going because fruits and other natural sugar products have been invaluable in our evolutionary history, and storing the goodness gained from them was essential for survival.

But I’m not trying to survive! I hear you screaming. Not me either. Nobody has time for this. I want something to eat from time to time, which is not very good for me. There is something that can help. According to Robert, if you eat high-sugar foods accompanied by fiber, protein, or fats, you can curb this insulin spike and then you’re just dealing with calories.

Top 5 Healthy Sugar Craving Treats (2022)

  1. Greek Yogurt Parfait

This thing not only looks great – it tastes – great. Trust me. With 9 g of sugar, 20 g of protein, and 120 calories, Greek yogurt is just a bowl of goodness. Combine it with a cup of raspberries with around 9g of fiber and suddenly you’re looking for a snack (LOL) that not only tastes great but will be a cinch to burn off at the Gym. Grate some almonds on top for an extra kick and some of these essential oils!

  1. ‘Thinking’ Natural Energy Bar

I want to laugh too. I want three snickers. I want one of 10 snack-size snickers bags. Oh my God! But don’t. Buy one instead, honestly, these are just the best. You have one of these and you don’t think ‘wow I’m so good right now, you say ‘damn I’m in trouble, I’m making fun of this yummy treat. But you’re not in trouble! These bars contain small amounts of real sugar (none of these fakes) and some sugar alcohols. It doesn’t have that nasty compound taste you get with aspartame treats. Try them!

  1. Dark Chocolate

This thing is great. antioxidants? control. Are chocolate cravings satisfied? control. Low sugar count compared to regular chocolate? control. A little bit of it won’t hurt you at all. yum.

  1. Natural Peanut Butter

One of my favorite things, when I’m bored, is celery and peanut butter. Natural peanut butter does not contain the bad fats found in regular peanut butter, making it a healthy alternative. Combine it with high-fiber celery, and you’ve got a delicious treat that won’t flip that fat-storage button!

  1. Ice Finger

I know you don’t look good. It has sugar in it. That’s what kids have – it means it’s bad by itself. If the kids are eating it, I can’t! Well, I say no! I want my kid’s treats and now I want them! When you drink juice, you quickly swallow it, and your portion control is basically the cup you get from the cupboard. Not so with a popsicle! You have a set number of preset calories (which I love) and they are digested very slowly (double love!), so you won’t experience the insulin spike! My top picks for avoiding this high fructose syrup are all-natural juice bars.

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