10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight for the Summer

With the summer months approaching, you can think of the bikini body!

Whatever you do, don’t suddenly limit your calorie intake, yes you will lose weight fast, but that weight is mostly water and will soon accumulate once you go back to your old eating habits. Losing weight in this way is also very unhealthy and puts a strain on your vital organs. When losing weight it is better to be careful and do it gradually.

However, warmer weather means carrying more meat, so if you’re looking to shed a few pounds to shed that belly fat or feel extra gorgeous, read our safe and quick tips for losing weight for the summer so you can hit that beach with confidence.

1. Download a Fitness App

Download a Fitness App

There are thousands of fitness apps available for smartphones, and most of them are designed for “ordinary” people who don’t spend their days exercising hard but just want to get fit or lose a few pounds.

As an example, running apps (Couch to 5k, for example) will gradually guide you through a plan that runs from 60 seconds to half an hour in 9 weeks. Running three times a week speeds up metabolism, and a person of normal height and weight can burn an extra 250 calories in just 20 minutes of light jogging.

Besides running, there are many 7-minute workout plans that take just 7 minutes a day, they are good for toning and firming but you need to be disciplined and stick to your workout plan to see the effects. For best results, you need to factor in some cardio.

2. Re-Examine Your Protein

Re-examine Your ProteinProtein is essential to a healthy diet, and making small changes like altering your protein choices can make a big difference in your weight.

Hamburger, Bacon, Pork, etc. Instead, choose lean proteins like chicken breast, tongue, or salmon. Don’t eat high-fat cheese, choose cottage cheese instead, and choose Greek yogurt instead of full-fat cream yogurt.

Consider also how you cook your protein, don’t deep fry unless you use a fat substitute, and don’t skip shallow frying either. It’s worth remembering that a single serving of fat (one tablespoon) provides 119 calories, and all those calories come from fat!

3. Turn Off the Tea and Coffee

Turn Off the Tea and Coffee

A very useful way to get rid of extra pounds is to drink green tea. It’s also a natural antioxidant so it’s really good for you and boosts your metabolism safely.

There are many studies that believe the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can boost metabolism and even get rid of fat pockets.

However, don’t just rely on green tea, you can’t drink it and eat lots of chocolate either!

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4. Choose Healthy Snacks

Choose Healthy Snacks
Smoked salmon and soft cheese spread, mousse, pate in a jar with crackers, olives, and capers on a wooden background

We all get hungry during the day, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid eating between meals (especially because there isn’t enough time to eat three meals a day). But consuming a calorie-dense chocolate bar or a packet of chips won’t do your body any good!

It’s best to pack healthy snacks in small Tupperware containers so you have them on hand. A handful of raisins, a few almonds, sunflower seeds, and chopped fruit are much healthier than sugary snacks and will prevent the accumulation of extra pounds.

5. Turn Off Fatty Milk

Turn Off Fatty Milk

If you drink whole milk with cereal, tea, or coffee, replace it with skim milk.

Skim milk contains almost half of whole milk, for example, a glass of whole milk is equal to 150 calories, while a glass of skim milk is only 90 calories.

If you drink a lot of tea and coffee a day, you will save a good amount of calories. Of course, if you replace the green tea as mentioned earlier, you will completely eliminate all those extra calories instantly!

6. Walk, Don’t Take the Bus!

Walk, Don't Take the Bus!

  • If you take the bus, why not walk instead?
  • If you have a long journey, walk to the next bus stop and get your metabolism up a bit.
  • Don’t take the elevator, use the stairs!
  • Wherever there is an opportunity to use your legs, do it.
  • These minor changes will be added soon.

7. For Old Good Water

For Old Good Water
Slim young woman drinking water after training

Everyone should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

It is very good for you, it not only removes impurities and toxins from your body but also cleanses the skin and makes you glow from within. Water is also important for keeping your body slimmer, and for many reasons.

Most of the time, you’re not hungry but thirsty (the body sometimes can’t tell), and drinking regularly helps reduce hunger pangs.

Next time you think you’re hungry, try a glass of water instead (sweeten with slices of natural fruit like strawberries or oranges). Water also reduces fluid retention and bloating because if you don’t drink regularly, your body will release antidiuretic hormones.

This is what leads to water retention.

8. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Yes, alcohol is a big culprit when it comes to accumulating calories. It delivers far more calories than carbohydrates and protein and contains zero nutrients. Unfortunately, this is a fact; Alcohol shakes your stomach and adds empty calories, too.

If you can’t live without alcohol, maybe you should try a white-wine spritzer (wine mixed with calorie-free soda water), the glass is 75 calories, but limit spritzers to twice a week.

9. Don’t Eat After 6 PM

Don't Eat After 6 PM
Overweight woman eating a burger while watching tv

Eating late meals slows down metabolism and takes longer for the body to process food. Your body needs four hours to process a meal, so try to have your dinner early in the evening and give your body time to break it down before you go to sleep.

Most nutritionists agree that eating dinner early is better for digestion, and anything that benefits your digestive system helps you lose weight.

10. Reduce Your Carbs

Reduce Your Carbs

Replacing your carbs for just one week will have an impact on your weight.

There are lots of backups.

For example, you can switch pasta to gluten-free pasta (you can find it at most health food stores), don’t eat potatoes (so no french fries), choose green, leafy vegetables for “good” carbohydrates, and avoid bread and crackers altogether.

If you don’t eat carbs for a week and you follow a healthy eating plan, you can lose up to 3lbs!

Summarizing All

Here you go – 10 tips to lose weight quickly and easily without affecting your health.

Never skip meals or starve your body, it puts undue stress on your organs and can lead to health problems.

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